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I’ve been creating and sewing since I was a child I was inspired by watching my mother making my clothes from ClothKit Kits. I learned both hand-sewing and machine sewing techniques and continued to make ever more complex and ambitious pieces throughout my GCSE and A-levels.

For my A-level exam piece, I even travelled up to the much-loved and missed
“Jenners” on Edinburgh’s Princes Street to source a beautiful silk for a woman’s
shirt with inlaid lace detail and a tweed suiting for a structured suit – all made from a treasured Vogue pattern.


My daughter was able to wear that same suit to school for “Victorian day” with a little bit of taking in to fit – it felt amazing to see my exam piece being worn by the next generation of my family!


When I started work after graduating (from?? If relevant) I always looked for additional opportunities to continue with my passion and make the most of my skills. I did everything from tailor-making ballgown and evening dresses for friends for society events and as we got older – my orders changed from party outfits to bridesmaids dresses!

I studied soft furnishings and when I bought my first place - I did as my mother had done - and made my own curtains and covered my sofas and chairs to complement the design for my new house. I loved Designers Guild and especially Tricia Guild’s contemporary, vibrant colours. My favourites were her/their signature electric blue, which I used for my sofa and paired with gold curtains, lined in a flash of lime green which looked amazing from both inside and outside the house!

I’ve taken so many courses throughout my life, as this is both a passion and my profession! I studied millinery and learned how to make a tiara – which was fantastic for my daughter when she was little as well as for those friends on bridesmaid duties!!

I was working on a City and Guilds in soft furnishings when I had my daughter and I realised that working on large scale projects wasn’t going to fit with my new baby and I chose to specialise in personalised cushions that I could work on from home around my daughter and her timetable!

I work from my home garden studio with all my professional sewing and embroidery machines to aid me in my makes. I have sewing machines as well as specialist setups for embroidery and overlocking and plenty of applique hoops! Working in my studio is an absolute delight and I love to make the commute from the kitchen!! It’s beautiful, airy and light and looks out onto olive trees with that characteristic Mediterranean scent. It’s so important when making fine, detailed pieces that you have a dedicated space and the right light and equipment!

My beloved schnoodle is often to be seen in the garden, frolicking on the lawn and defending the homestead from marauding squirrels… it seems to be agreed that the squirrels will run along the fence and Poppy will let them know she’s seen them… but that’s as close as they get to each other!!

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